Jun 1 - 2, Tsinghua University, Beijng, China

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Map for Conference Venue

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There are 3 ways to get to the conference venue from the airport:

  • Taxi

    The taxi fare from airport to the conference venue is approximately RMB 125 yuan which depends on the traffic condition. You may need to show information below to the taxi driver "清华大学经管学院伟伦楼";

  • Airport Shuttle Bus & Taxi

    Choose the line to "Zhong Guan Cun" (中关村) and transfer to taxi, which costs 32 yuan in total;

  • Subway

    Take the airport express and transfer to line 10 at SANYUANQIAO station. Then transfer to line 13 to WUDAOKOU costs 34 yuan in total. See red line in Beijing Metro Map.

Hotel Information

Because May is one of the peak seasons of tourism in Beijing, please make your room reservation as earlier as possible. We have listed some nearby hotels for your reference.

If you still have any problems or seek for help, please contact us.