Jun 1 - 2, Tsinghua University, Beijng, China

Organizing Committee

Jian Chen

Lenovo Chair Professor, Tsinghua University

IEEE Fellow, chairman of Department of Manage Science and Engineerimg, and Director of Research Center for Contemporary Management. Prof. Chen's main research interests include supply chain management, E-commerce, decision support systems.

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Jim Dai

Leon C. Welch Professor, Cornell University / Tsinghua University

IMS Fellow, INFORMS Fellow. Professor Dai's major research is on stochastic models arising from manufacturing and service systems including communication networks, semiconductor wafer fabrication lines, call centers, and healthcare-delivery systems.

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David Yao

Piyasombatkul Family Professor, Columbia University / Tsinghua University

NAE member, IEEE Fellow, Fellow of INFORMS. Professor Yao is a leading researcher and scholar in stochastic systems and applied probability, focusing on resource control and risk management issues in application areas such as health care, financial services, and supply chains.

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