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Past Issues

Volume 26, Number 2, April, 2017

James M. Tien

The Sputnik of servgoods: Autonomous vehicles

Geng Peng, Ying Liu, Jiyuan Wang, Jifa Gu

Analysis of the prediction capability of web search data based on the HE-TDC method ‒ prediction of the volume of daily tourism visitors

Guojun Ji, Limei Hu, Kim Hua Tan

A study on decision-making of food supply chain based on big data

Qing Yue, Guohua Wan

Order scheduling with controllable processing times, common due date and the processing deadline

Nikolaos Rachaniotis, Thomas K. Dasaklis, Costas Pappis

Controlling infectious disease outbreaks: A deterministic allocation-scheduling model with multiple discrete resources

Hua Zhao, Zeshui Xu, Shousheng Liu

Dual hesitant fuzzy information aggregation with Einstein t-conorm and t-norm